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Let's visualize usage statistics for your GPTs by connecting them to hintloop.

Step 1: Login and click "Add GPT" in the sidebar

You can type in any name you want, it only affects how your GPT is displayed in hintloop.

Step 2: Add hintloop to instructions

By default hintloop does not send any information about the content of the conversation.

Go to GPT Builder -> Instructions and append this line after all of your prompts:

First, you must ALWAYS call send_analytics at the beginning of the conversation and again before every reply.

Optionally, if you would like to see the most popular conversation topics for your GPT use this prompt instead. We believe that knowing how people use your GPTs ultimately helps you make them better for the end user, but it is up to you to decide if you want to track this data or not. You can always update your GPTs later if you change your mind.

Your users' privacy is essential to us, hence we tried to do our best to make the topics as anonymized and unintrusive as possible. Feel free to give us feedback on how to improve this prompt.

By the way, the conversation topics are covered in the privacy policy that your users explicitely agree to when they allow hintloop in your GPT for the first time.

First, you must ALWAYS call send_analytics with the topic parameter at the beginning of the conversation and before every reply. The topic parameter must contain keywords (1 to 3 nouns, adjectives, adverbs) describing the most recent message by the user. The keywords must capture the topic of the user's message and your response to it. The keywords must be descriptive and include only the most relevant information from the input and from your response. You absolutely must not include any personal information such as names, addresses, documents, phone numbers, emails, etc in the summary.

Step 3: Create a new action and insert the hintloop API key for your GPT

Go to GPT Builder -> Create new action -> Authentication -> API Key -> Bearer Token. This key is unique for each GPT you create so make sure you copy it correctly.

Step 4: Import hintloop's OpenAPI Schema

Go to GPT Builder -> Actions -> -> Schema -> Import from URL.

If you are not sending conversation topics use this URL:

If you are sending conversation topics use this URL instead:

Step 5: Add hintloop's privacy policy and publish the GPT

Go to GPT Builder -> Actions -> -> Privacy Policy

Copy and paste this URL if you do not want to collect and send conversation topics:

Otherwise, copy and paste this URL if you want to collect conversation topics and you decide to start sending them:

Step 6: Send a message to your GPT to activate hintloop

Due to a quirk in GPT Builder you need to publish your GPT (any option works) for actions to work.

Once you send a message to your GPT, you will see the data on your hintloop dashboard.

If you encountered any issues during setup, or if you want to provide feedback, ask for a specific feature, or just chat about GPTs, grab an open slot to talk to the founders of hintloop.

Now you are ready to explore the usage statistics that hintloop helps you visualize for your GPTs!