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Monetize your GPTs

Earn revenue for ads shown in your GPT

Get Paid for Traffic

Trusted advertisers purchase ad slots in your GPTs.
The more users you have, the more paid ads you can display.

Smooth UX

Choose how often you want to show ads in your GPTs.
Select whether ads are displayed as links, images, or native integrations.

Highest Paying Ads

Advertisers compete for ad placements, so you will earn more from every ad shown in your GPTs.

Simple Set Up

Copy a short instruction to your system prompt, and we will handle the rest.

Quality Ads Only

Ads are screened to ensure hight quality and compliance with OpenAI's Terms of Service. Hintloop selects the most relevant ads for your audience.

Detailed Analytics

See usage statistics and earning reports for your GPTs. Use this data to improve your GPTs, get more users, and earn more money.

How to get started


Add hintloop to GPTs

Add the hintloop custom action to your GPT and configure when and how ads are shown in your GPTs.


Earn Ad Revenue

Your GPTs will send request to hintloop to recieve the highest paying relevant ads from hintloop according to your settings. Ads may include links, banners, or native integrations. For every ad shown in your GPT you will earn a share of the revenue.


Track Performance

Log into your hintloop dashboard to track performance of your GPTs. Understand how people use your GPTs to find new users and earn more money.

Monetize your GPTs

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