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The only analytics dashboard you need for your GPTs

Easily measure and display usage statistics for GPTs.
Track user engagement, popular conversation topics, reviews, and more.

Usage Statistics

Know exactly how many people use your GPTs and how many messages they send.

Conversation Topics

Search message topics by chats and users in conversation histories of your GPTs.


Track GPT Store ratings in real time for any GPT with a link.

Trusted by teams behind world's most popular GPTs


のSora Expert

10k+ chats



50k+ chats


DALL-3 Ultra

100k+ chats



25k+ chats


Ecom SEO

10k+ chats

Orbix AI

"Using Hintloop's analytics has been very helpful for Orbix AI, providing us with the insights needed to fine-tune our GPTs, enhance user engagement, and drive growth. It's an indispensable tool for anyone serious about maximizing their GPT's potential."


Michael Liburd

Founder of Orbix AI

DALL-3 Ultra

"Kirill and Yuriy are dedicated founders. With Hintloop, they helped me have a deeper understanding of my users' behavior. In gratitude for their hard work, I will work even harder on becoming the number one worldwide."


Ethan Safar

Ranked #6 Worldwide on GPT Store

Everything else you need to get your GPTs trending

Optimize Your GPTs

Get more users by optimizing your GPTs for popular conversation topics.
Iterate faster by measuring changes in review scores after each update.

Monitor Any GPT's ratings

Get real time updates about ratings for other GPTs in your category.
Respond to competition and maximize profits from your marketing efforts.

Fast and Compatible

hintloop takes less than 100 characters in prompt, resolves fast, and works with other actions.

Actionable Insights

Our AI automatically groups conversation topics by semantic meaning and user intent.

Privacy Oriented

Incoming data is anonymized and cleaned from sensitive information.


Customize the hintloop action to seamlessly fit into the user experience of your GPTs.

GPTs connected
Messages processed
Chats analyzed

How to get started


Add hintloop to GPTs

Copy the URL of your GPT to hintloop to see GPT Store ratings automatically displayed on a personal dashboard. Add hintloop custom action to your GPT to visualize the rest of the data.


Track Usage Statistics

Log in to your hintloop dashboard to monitor in real time how much traffic your GPTs get each day, what the most popular conversation topics are, and how users rate your GPTs.


Your GPTs get more users

Analyze the data on your hintloop dashboard to improve your GPTs, get more users, and track your growth.

Grow you GPTs.
Use hintloop analytics.

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