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Hintloop Blog: Learn how to build GPTs

Everything you need to make money with GPTs.
Product analytics, monetization tools, ads platform & more.

GPT Builders use hintloop to

Monetize GPTs

→ Earn revenue for ads shown in your GPT.
→ The more users you have, the more paid ads you can display.
→ Select whether ads are displayed as links, images, or native integrations.

Track Usage Statistics

→ Easily measure and display usage statistics for GPTs.
→ Know exactly how many people use and rate your GPTs and how many messages they send.
→ Get real time updates about ratings for other GPTs in your category.

Understand Their Users

→ Search message topics by chats and users in conversation histories of your GPTs.
→ Get more users by optimizing your GPTs for popular conversation topics.
→ See how often users click on your conversation starters.

GPTs Connected

Messages processed

Chats Analyzed

Learn about

Prompt Engineering Strategies

Prompt Engineering Strategies

Learn how to write better prompts for GPTs.

Ultimate GPT Creation Guide

Ultimate GPT Creation Guide

Learn how to create a GPT in an easy step-by-step walkthrough.

Hintloop Product Update, June 2024

Hintloop Product Update, June 2024

See the new features we added to hintloop analytics in june!

How to get more users to try your GPTs?

How to get more users to try your GPTs?

Top 5 simple strategies to get more users to chat with your GPT.

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