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Drive sales with ads in popular GPTs

Find customers, increase brand recognition, and get more sales by advertising your business in popular GPTs

The easiest way to buy ads in popular GPTs and...

Find New Customers

Reach millions of people using custom GPTs.

Drive Online Sales

Get conversions from ChatGPT conversations directly to your website.

Increase Brand Awareness

Introduce your business to relevant audiences.

Hintloop Ads give you multiple ways to get eyes on your business

Native Ads

Banner Ads

Text Ads

Your Ad

Native Ads

Your ad is integrated natively into the response provided by a custom GPT.

Hintloop Ads have everything you need to grow your business

Target Your Customers

Make more sales when you target the right group of customers.
Choose from a number of languages and topics that you want to target.

Easy to Experiment

Create attention grabbing ads that your customers will want to click.
Get started in 5 minutes with some text and/or an image.

Unlock Customers

Reach a new group of customers in the right place at the right time.

Custom Budgets

Set daily limits and CPM for each campaign.

Detailed Reports

Track impressions, CTR, and CPC, to maximize the ROMI of your campaigns.

Multiple Formats

Choose between clickable banners, classic text ads, or generative ads that organically come up in the generated text.

Reach your customers in popular GPTs

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