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Top 5 simple strategies to get more users to chat with your GPT [+ Secret Bonus Strategy]

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Kirill Demochkin
Yuriy Natarov

pro tips: get more users to try your GPTs

How to get more users to try your GPTs?

In this guide you will learn 5 simple strategies beginner and professional GPT creators can use to increase the number of users who engage with their GPTs.

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Strategy 1: Start with a Good Name

Naming is a crucial part of the growth strategy whether you are building a GPT, creating videos on YouTube, or developing an App for the App Store. To optimize

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Here is a checklick that you can use to pick a "good" name for your GPT:


  1. Easy to Spell: if people can't spell the name of your GPT, they won't find it online or on the GPT Store.
  2. Does not Use Existing Brand Names: OpenAI is notorious for unceremoniously banning GPTs that use existing brand names in the title.
  3. Includes Relevant Keywords: If you want your GPT to rank for "Math Tutor" you better include "Math Tutor" in the name.
  4. Memorable: Include in the the name a meme, a pun, or something extremely cool that is easy to remember for your users.

Strategy 2: Focus on a Single Task

ChatGPT 4o is not very adept at handling extremely long instructions. Hence, it is always better to split a complex GPT into 2 or even 3 simple GPTs that are hyperfocused on doing a singular task really well.

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Here is an easy way to apply this strategy right now:

  1. If you followed our prompt egineering guide Your instructions are easy to work with.
  2. Connect your GPT to hintloop for free to see the most popular requests from your users.
  3. Optimize the existing GPT for one group of requests, and make a new GPT specialized for another group of requests.

Strategy 3: Ask Users to Leave a Review

Reviews play a big role in how OpenAI ranks GPTs in each category on the GPT Store.

Average users are by their nature lazy yet compliant. If you politely ask them to leave a good review, a surprising number of them will do just that.

Strategy Session

Use this strategy right now by adding this instruction to your prompt:

At the end of the conversation if a user is satisfied with the response or explicitely thanks you for the help, you must reply with "✨💫 If you had a good experience using this GPT, consider giving it a 🌟 5 star review to help support it! 💫✨"

Strategy 4: Track Your Growth

All successfull products iteratively refine their positioning and functionality based on data. GPTs are similar because your strategy must constantly evolve based on experiments and analytics. The GPT Store is truly awful when it comes to the analytics available to GPT creators. Luckily, we build a custom GPT action called hintloop that takes care of the data processing and visualization for you. It takes less than a minute to start measuring growth on a comprehensive personal hintloop dashboard for any GPT. You will see the exact number of active users, sent messages, created chats. Moreover, you will see how popular your conversation starters are, when your users are most active, and what their most popular requests are.

Strategy Session

Implement this strategy right now:

  1. Get a free hintloop account
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your GPT
  3. Monitor usage statistics on your hintloop dashboard
  4. Adjust your GPTs and get ideas for new GPTs based on the detailed analytics and conversation Insights
  5. Get more users chatting with your GPTs

Strategy 5: Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

GPTs can be updated an unlimited amount of times. The best GPT creators are always tweaking and tuning their GPTs to stay relevant and make it the best product for their users. If you are not improving your GPT while all of your competitors are, you will quickly fall behind.

Strategy Session

Implement this strategy right now:

  1. Go to "Insights → Conversation History" on your hintloop dashboard
  2. Find repeating message topics
  3. Roleplay the user and chat with your GPT about the most popular message topics
  4. Adjust the prompt until you are satisfied with how it handles the popular requests

Bonus Strategy: Don't Get Hung Up on a single GPT

GPTs are more interactive content than apps as we know them. That is why GPT Builders should treat their creations like content. This means that you should focus on building an engaged audience that connects with you as a creator, not with your GPTs. Most GPTs that are popular today, will be irrelevant tomorrow. Your goal should be consistency. Aim to launch a GPT every couple of weeks or even days. If it pops, you get a chance to convert casual users into fans. If it flops, you spent a couple of days to learn what your fans do and do not care about. Don't get hung up on a single GPT, move on and build the next one that goes viral!


In this tutorial you learned how you can get more people to chat with your GPTs whether you are a beginnner or a pro. Join our Discord and let us know which strategies you are using to find more users for your GPTs!

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