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Follow these 3 steps to make money with GPTs.

· 2 min read
Kirill Demochkin
Yuriy Natarov

Learn how to earn money from GPTs in 3 steps.

If you published a GPT on the GPT Store you could earn real money from people using your assistant.

Follow these 3 steps to get started with GPT monetization on hintloop.

1: Connect your GPT to hintloop

Use our step-by-step guide and make sure to select "collect topics" to target niches with better payouts.

2: Open the "Monetization" tab for your GPT

Our goal is to connect you with the best paying high quality ad partners, hence you need to have a minimum of 1000 messages in the last 30 days and at least 100 daily active users for the past 7 days.

3: Track your progress

Once you have met the monetization criteria, follow the link on the "Monetization" tab to submit your GPT for review. We will reach out to you with the next steps!

All revenue estimations will be discussed individually based on the niche and usage statistics of your GPTs.

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